Aquatics (Swimming)
Season:   June - August
Skills and Traditional event categories
Unified Partner Events?:  Yes
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Aquatics ("Swimming") is a great sport for our athletes.  Not only is it a great, low impact, all-around conditioning program, but it offers opportunities for socializing for the athletes and families.  Like many Special Olympics sports, Aquatics uses a two-level system.

The first level ("skills") is for athletes that are either unable or unwilling to compete in the second level (also known as "traditional swimming competition").  The skills are performed in the shallow end of the pool and consist of assisted or unassisted walk, float, back and swim, at distances of 10m, 15m and 25m.  Ideally, the athlete will progress through the events and distances until they are ready for the traditional competition, but may stay in the skills program. Skills athletes compete in up to two events.

The traditional swimming program is similar to the competitive swimming seen at all school levels and international competitions.  Athletes compete using the freestyle ("crawl"), breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly stroke (or all four) at distances from 25m to 400m.  Athletes will compete in two individual events and one four-person relay (may be four athletes or a "unified" team of 2 athletes and 2 coaches or family members).
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Special Olympics Rio Rancho is a delegation of Special Olympics New Mexico.  We are a non-profit organization that provides athletic training and competition to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes enjoy camaraderie and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through participating in our events.