Season:   June - August
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Unified Partner Events?: Yes
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The Special Olympics golf program is a progressive program that has two elements to it.  Level 1, or skills, consists of seven stations  through which the athlete must rotate.  These stations are long putt, short putt, chip shot, pitch shot, bunker shot, irons and woods.  Coaches and volunteers provide assistance to the athletes at each station.  The athletes are given scores at each station based on their performance, and these scores are rolled up to a cummulative score.  Any athlete who has a cumulative score of 60 or more points in the skills level may advance to Level 2, or Alternate Shot (Unified) competition.  The Level 2 athlete golfer selects or is assigned a unified partner with whom they will play nine holes on the course (the partner must also be able to achieve a score of 60 or more in the skills competition).  The Level 2 teams must regularly score 75 or below on 9 holes.

In addition to competing at Level 2 the athlete learns golf etiquette, proper club selection and the rules of the Alternate Shot competition.  At the first practice and during the entire season, the safe use of golf equipment is emphasized by all coaches and volunteers.  Additional information can be obtained from the Special Olympics New Mexico or Special Olympics International websites.  For information about becoming an athlete or unified partner in the golf program, please contact the Head Coach.

The anticipated start of the 2013 season is Wednesday, June 5th, for the Alternate Shot (Unified) and Thursday, June 6th, for Skills at the Chamisa Hill Country Club, located at 500 Country Club Drive SE, in Rio Rancho.  Practices will be the same nights of the week during the season.  The green fee for the alternate shot is $5.50 ( includes the golf cart) each for the athlete and unified partner, this.  There is no charge for the skills practice, and golf clubs are provided by the Rockets.

The Rio Rancho Rockets golf team is extremely grateful for the support of Erik Harp, the Chamisa Hills  Director of Golf, and for allowing us to use their course and facilities for all of our practices.
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Special Olympics Rio Rancho is a delegation of Special Olympics New Mexico.  We are a non-profit organization that provides athletic training and competition to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes enjoy camaraderie and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through participating in our events.