Poly Hockey
Season:   January - February
Skills and Traditional  event categories
Unified Partner Events?:  No
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Rio Rancho Rockets
Special Olympics, Rio Rancho, NM
Special Olympics
New Mexico
Inspire Greatness
Special Olympics Rio Rancho is a delegation of Special Olympics New Mexico.  We are a non-profit organization that provides athletic training and competition to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes enjoy camaraderie and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through participating in our events.
The Skills category allows athletes to train and compete in basic poly hockey skills.  For those advancing to Team Play, the development of these key skills is necessary prior to advancing.  Individual Skills include shooting, passing and stick handling (controlling the puck while moving).  In Area and State competition, a player’s final score is determined by adding together the scores achieved in each of the events.

In Team Play, the teams are composed of six players, including a goalie.  The athletes use plastic sticks and soft plastic pucks, and a game consists of three, nine-minute periods.  The teams are co-ed with members placed on teams with other athletes that share the same relative ability in the sport.  The athletes are provided with helmets (with face guards), shin guards and appropriately sized sticks.  Additionally, goalies have leg guards which cover the leg from the ankle to the knee, and chest protectors .

Between Skills and Team competition we have a home for you.  Our delegation places teams in every level at the Area and State Competitions, and we would love to see your athlete join one of our team.   Athletes initially only need a desire to learn and play.  We hope you can join us!
Poly Hockey is adapted from the game of ice hockey and is played indoors in a rink set up on the surface of a gymnasium floor.  The Rio Rancho Rockets offers Poly Hockey in both the Skills and Team Play categories so that players of all ability levels can play this great sport.  During the season our practices are weekly.